• expand_moreIs it possible to still use the keys to lock/unlock the door?
    All homeit's installation alternatives can be opened with a physical key from the outside.
  • expand_moreWhat happens if the power fails?
    In the event of a power failure, our system would stop working. However, this can easily be fixed with a UPS, a battery of sorts, that will allow the system to keep operating.
  • expand_moreWhat happens if the guest is out of battery?
    The homeit KIT includes a keypad to be used by guests, even if they don’t have a mobile phone with them. To enter the flat, guests can always open the door putting their assigned code on the keypad (if installed). You can also open the door remotely, to let in your guest.
  • expand_moreWhat happens if internet is down?
    In the host dashboard, you can easily monitor if the system is online or not. Opening the street door via intercom won’t work, as well as creating or deleting codes. However, keypads are designed to work offline.
  • expand_moreHow many codes can I have simultaneously?
    You can create as many codes as you want. However, the homeit BOX can only memorise up until 100 access codes simultaneous.
  • expand_moreCan I choose the codes on my keypad?
    No, you can’t. Each code is generated automatically in the cloud and is valid for the period you set. You can always delete the code and create a new one. You can also change the expiration day and time.
  • expand_moreHow can the guest open the street door? And the flat?
    Guests can open both the street and flat door using their mobile phone. More specifically, through our APP (for Android and iOS) and SMS messages. Additionally, we recommend installing a keypad on the apartment door which will allow guest to have their own code.
  • expand_moreDo you have a mobile APP?
    Yes! It’s free and works on iOS and Android. The homeit App is used only to access the keys that are created by the host. The guests can download it, and they will be able to open the doors by themselves using their smartphones.
  • expand_moreCan hosts create keys using the homeit App?
    No, hosts must use the host dashboard to create and edit keys. You can try a free demo of the host dashboard here.
  • expand_moreCan guests download the homeit App before I create their keys?
    Anyone can download the homeit APP, at any time. However, they won't have access to your property until you grant them access from your Host Dashboard.
  • expand_moreHow do I know if my door is compatible?
    If you are unsure about the compatibility of your door or which is the best alternative for you, our team will be happy to help. Just send us pictures of your door, lock, intercom and rooter - following this Photo Guide. We will assess the possibilities for you!
  • expand_moreTo install your system, do I need to change my lock?
    No, we either integrate with existing lock or install an additional one.
  • expand_moreTo install your system, do I need to change the door lock of the building?
    No, the homeit KIT is only installed in your flat and doesn’t interfere with any common area of the building.
  • expand_moreDo I need to ask permission to the building owner?
    No, you don’t, we integrate with the part of intercom system that is installed in your flat. You don’t need any permission for that.
  • expand_moreCan I install the keypad on the door?
    Yes, but you have to be aware that we will have to pass the cable through the door somehow.
  • expand_moreDo you have technical support in my city in case of breakdown?
    Most cases we can solve via phone, but if our fitting partners are available within your city, they will help you if needed.
Order & Delivery
  • expand_moreHow can I buy the homeit KIT?
    You can buy it online or contact our sales team at sales@homeit.io
  • expand_moreWhat is the shipping time?
    During high periods of volume, shipping time can range from 5-7 working days (EU), although the usual shipping time is smaller than that.
  • expand_moreIs there any monthly fee?
    No, there’s no monthly fee.
  • expand_moreI'm a company. How do you process invoices?
    We will use the Billing Details provided by you in order to issue an invoice with your company’s information (Name, Fiscal Address, and VAT Number).
  • expand_moreCan I get a volume discount?
    Yes. For more information contact our sales team at sales@homeit.io
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