The Right Smart Lock

For your home

Open the door in seconds via smartphone or digital code

Open your door in seconds with your smartphone or digital code

For your home

Managing access to your home has never been so easy.

Open the door directly from your smartphone or with a digital code in just a few seconds.

Send personal codes or digital keys to family, visitors or usual providers and make access sharing to your home simple with complete control.

Your home in
your fingertips

Fully control your smart lock with the homeit web App on your smartphone. Just open the application, choose the desired option and open the door, manage users, receive lock notifications and much more. With homeit BOX and the existing internet home connection, you can access your apartment or building door remotely.
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Guarantee access
to your house

Give access to your home wherever you are. Share access with digital keys, in just a few seconds, to usual users, such as school children transport, housekeepers, bread delivery, elderly home support services or dog sitter.

Share access with
family and friends

Give temporary access and share them easily with your family or friends. You'll never need to leave the key under the rug again!
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More secure

Have absolute control over who and when enters your home, through entry logs. You can leave knowing your home is safe.

Simple installation

Install homeit smart locks in minutes. No need for holes or wires. Only have a screwdriver with you.
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