Solutions adapted to your Market

For your business

Smart Access. The best way to optimize the management of your business.

Solutions adapted to your market

For your business

Smart access. The best way to optimize the management of your business.

Managing your home access has never been easier.  Forget traditional keys and allow access to your business facilities remotely and according to the schedule of each employee or supplier. To do this, simply share permanent or temporary digital access codes with them.

Increase accessibility without compromising security, avoiding the risk of lost keys and knowing who entered and when.

the keys

Replace traditional keys or lockers with a more convenient and technological entry method. Our smart locks offer features such as digital code access or keypad code entry, providing greater autonomy and convenience.
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Create and share
virtual keys

Create virtual keys and share them, via email or guest link, with your employees, service providers, or visitors.

Know who, when
and where from

Receive “open door” notifications on your smartphone or review the logs in the admin panel, available in the homeit app.
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Improve shared
space management

Optimize and organize the common areas by establishing timetables and temporary access codes that will only enable authorised people during specific periods of time.

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Have a detailed company access overview, whether it's a vacation rental property, hotel, office or real estate, all in one place.

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With the homeit BOX, you can manage online and remote access for employees, suppliers, or visitors, wherever you are and at any time. You can also connect with the property's intercom to open the front or street door.

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homeit BOX allows you to control different smart lock types, in a completely transparent way.

homeit Funcionalidades

With homeit, you will have all the support you need to choose the most suitable smart lock for your business.