Return Policy

Return and Refund Policy


At homeit, we strive for your satisfaction: we are only happy if you are. As such, you can choose to return the homeit equipment and ask for a full refund within 20 working days of the date of purchase, no strings attached.  We only ask you to return the equipment in its original box and packiging, in the same condition you received it.

Apart from this, we also offer a 6 or 24-month, according to the applicable law, warranty in all equipment. Please see more details below.


How to ask for a Return/Refund


To ask for a Return or Refund, please write us to with the email subject “Return”. Our Support Team will answer you in less than 5 working days to initiate the refunding process. It involves the following steps:

  1. Return the equipment to the address specified by our Support Team. If you used payment method “Paypal”, the shipping costs will be refunded by this company, as part of their “free returns” program (see more information here). If you opted for a different payment method, you will have to support these shipping costs.
  2. Our Support Team will inspect the equipment returned, answering you in less than 3 working days.
  3. Once the above mentioned conditions have been met, a credit note will be issued and a proof of the refund will be sent to your email.




Homeit offers a 6 or 24-month warranty on all equipment. The warranty does not cover the natural wear and tear of the equipment, which is mainly found on the electrical strikes and keypads. Warranty claims require a longer resolution period because they require a verification process. When the guarantee is accepted, the product will be replaced by the same item whenever possible or the cost of the product will be refunded.

If the warranty is not accepted, the equipment will be shipped again after payment of new shipping charges:

  • The warranty is of a 6 or 24 months on all the elements comprising the homeit KIT: homeit BOX, electric strike, electric lock, keypads and PoE transformer.
  • The warranty on the equipment is activated at the time of purchase, upon proof of payment.