Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vacation Rental FAQs

How can I check-in with homeit?

You can create and share unique access codes with your guests. They can use the homeit APP or keypad to sign in. It also opens remotely the doors using our software on your smartphone.

How safe is it to use homeit? How can I control the inputs?

Codes created are always unique per guest and stay. After the check-out date, they are permanently deleted. You’ll have access to a log area where you can control who enters your home, the days, the hours, and what device they used.

What do I do next to buy homeit?

After installing the system, you can start creating and sharing codes for your booking with your guests and opening your doors remotely. You’ll never need to check in face-to-face again.

How does the guest know which SMS to use? Where does he send the SMS?

Our APP knows when the guest has no internet on the smartphone and sends a code by SMS. The code is automatically generated in the APP and sent to the homeit number. It’s all automatic. The guest just has to click "send SMS". You don’t need to write the code or choose the number to send.

How do I give access to a guest?

Just copy the created key and share it, by email or SMS, with your guest.

What if the guest doesn’t want to install the APP?

It is not mandatory to install the APP. The codes are created and provided by you and can be used directly on the keypad or by SMS.

Do I need an internet connection?


What if you lose internet access?

We recommend always creating an SOS key that is stored in the homeit BOX. This key can always be used on the keypad if the box goes offline.

How do smart locks work?

Smart locks do not require physical keys to open doors. These can be controlled remotely through the use of an application, installed on the smartphone, or by inserting a digital code on a numeric keypad. Learn more about our smart locks.

Do I need to change my lock or door?

No. Our system adapts to most locks and doors. Send us a photo of your existing lock and your intercom so we can recommend the best solution. Send to sales@homeit.io or to WhatsApp + 351 937 590 151

What type of door do locks fit?

Our system adapts to almost all types of locks and doors. Our solutions integrate with both existing and new locks, transforming traditional accesses into smart: web APP system, code, keyboard and even SMS.

Is using the homeit system safe?

All our equipment uses secure communication protocols with our homeit system. All data transmitted between the homeit system, the homeit BOX and Bluetooth devices, such as locks and keypads, are encrypted and authenticated. We guarantee maximum security of the data we store, user permissions and access to properties. Outside of the equipment configuration process, which we support, only the user himself has the power to open and manage the keys to his properties. Our systems are regularly audited to ensure their smooth operation. The safety of the entire system is our highest priority.

How to choose the right smart lock for my door?

After identifying the lock type that you already have; we advise you to do the compatibility test to be sure of the best option for you.

Do I need internet access to use homeit?

The homeit needs internet to open the door remotely, create new access codes and view the logs in real-time. However, if there is no internet you will still be able to use the previously digital codes created.

What if you lose internet access?

If you lose internet access you will be able to enter by typing a code if you have acquired the numeric keypad. We recommend always creating an SOS key that is stored on the system. This key can always be used on the keypad if the box goes offline.

What happens if there is a power failure?

Many of our solutions work with batteries. In particular, the Smart Cylinder solution can validate codes even if there is an internet failure connection or power.

How do I install a homeit smart lock?

Our locks are easy to install and can be up and running in a matter of minutes. See our installation videos to facilitate assembly, making it easier and faster. But if you prefer, we have specialized network partners, nationally and internationally level (link to partners) that can support you.

Do you have any monthly fees?

We have two ways to subscribe to our services: Base Plan and Premium Plan. Find out which plan best suits your situation here