Main advantages of having a smart lock

Smart locks are increasingly common and required an effective and comfortable system, instead of traditional locks.

If you manage or own a vacation rental, there are many headaches: late check-in times due to flight and transport delays, checking and check-out, as well as providing and collecting keys, are just a few of the most conditioning factors for those who work daily in this industry.


“Please don’t leave the keys in the lock, put them on the table.”

Sometimes it’s amazing how a simple key can cause both impact and inconvenience. We have already had some guest cases who at the check-out, gently placed the keys on the inside door, as a sign of kindness. Next step: call the fire department to open the door.

The reality is that smart locks have transformed the traditional system we´ve used for millenniums.

In this article, we highlight the main smart lock advantages for vacation rentals.

What are smart locks?


A smart lock, also known as a digital or electronic lock, is a device that allows you to open and lock doors using digital technology. It can be by entering a code, through an app on your smartphone, a physical command or even a proximity sensor (similar to current cars). The options are increasingly diversified so you can use the method that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

The main advantages of having a smart lock on your vacation rentals

Nowadays there are many benefits to renewing your vacation rentals with a smart lock. Check out the list below, split down by the different benefits types:

  • Safety
  • Vacation rentals improved control
  • Simplified owner management
  • Hassle-free access for your guests
  • Benefits in the Airbnb Plus program
  • Ease and versatility
  • Integration with Channel Managers


Increased security is one of the biggest gains you´ll get by turning your current lock into a smart one. With a traditional lock, it is sometimes a real nightmare to share the keys with guests, as you have the risk of making key sets or even losing them. With the smart lock, control is done through a mobile application, by SMS, or by access code. It also has the possibility to control the log entries, so that no one enters “out of hours”.

There are several locks, for example, that generate a 5-digit code, unique per guest and stay. The same applies if you subcontract cleaning and/or maintenance services that require frequent access – just provide the access code and you are already saving time and resources.

The digital locks are also encrypted with state-of-the-art technology so that no one curious can access their codes.

Improve vacation rentals control

You can easily manage your accommodations, locks and access codes at one click, giving you the power to control the smart lock remotely, anywhere in the world.

This is an especially relevant advantage for those who own several vacation rentals because, with a conventional lock, you have to go to the place to hand over the keys. Imagine a very realistic scenario: you manage several guest houses and one of your guests told you that he will arrive at 11 pm, but the flight was delayed. In the meantime, he had already gone and stayed 45 minutes waiting, just to be able to hand over the keys.

It may seem fortuitous and punctual, but the numbers are between the lines. If you check in once a week, value your time at €10/hour and spend €5 on fuel, you will spend €60 per month. Therefore, a smart lock can be an excellent investment: in addition to avoiding unnecessary travel, check-ins after hours and also saves money.


Simplified management for owners

These locks allow you to set check-in and check-out times so you don’t have to worry about deleting or locking codes. When your guests leave, the codes expire and stop working. Even better, you can program multiple codes to match their check-ins.

For example, you could set a code (*12345) on a Tuesday but only valid for the following weekend. The code would only be active on Friday from 2:30 pm.

Hassle-free access for your guests

If on the one hand owners have improved control over their accommodation, on the other guests will be amazed at the modern design and top technology available. It may seem like a simple and easily overlooked change, but nowadays attention to detail, practicality and easy access are almost taken acquired by consumers. Many properties continue to charge for late check-ins, so it’s one more way you can provide a unique experience, a memorable stay, and distance yourself from your competitors.

Advantages in the Airbnb Plus program

The Airbnb Plus program requires a 24-hour check-in and smart lock purchase values. If you’re looking to join Airbnb’s unique project, smart locks can be an important factor.

Ease and versatility of use

While the traditional system always requires keys, smart locks give you more options, such as through an app, keypad in the lock, access code or SMS.

Integration with channel managers


If you use a channel management platform, you can connect the smart lock to this software, further automating the input and outputs process. With the correct integrations, it is possible to send instructions with code/access via the APP as soon as the once the reservation is confirmed.

The advantages are even greater with homeit

Smartlock for Airbnb

Homeit is a Portuguese company that has developed a smart lock design with vacation rental in mind, and therefore, it was been designed to manage many accesses simultaneously. In addition to everything we have already highlighted, homeit gives you even more advantages:

  • Easy and universal installation. Adapts to any existing lock, no need to change it. Installation in less than 3min.
  • Opens the building’s front door or apartment, through a connection to your home intercom.
  • Manage all your properties in a single control panel. Simple and intuitive.
  • Guest App for your guests. At the end of the day, the important thing is to ensure that you offer a unique and hassle-free experience for your guests.

Try homeit and get a free return within 30 days!

If you want to know the solutions range, read our comparative article,  the best smart locks on the market.

Smart locks are here to stay. Forget turnkey pricing and unlock the future of your vacation rental.

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