Smart Locks: The New Way to Sell Homes

Do you have a property for sale? Have you heard of self-visit properties? Did you know that it is possible to visit, in loco, without the presence of a real estate agent? Find out the answers to these questions and learn about the advantages that a smart lock can bring to the real estate market.

A real estate sale seems to be inseparable from a face-to-face visit. For a potential buyer, it’s common to want to see the space, the light, the condition and the location to feel if would like to live within those walls or not. But these visits can often be difficult to reconcile between the parties involved.


At this point, you must be asking yourself, how can this process be improved? The answer is simple: self-visits by installing smart locks.


With a smart lock installation, it is possible to open the property door through a smartphone, even if it is not here, allowing the potential buyer to access the apartment at the most convenient time and carry out the visit at their own pace.


Scheduling a traditional visit is often a time-consuming, expensive and even complicated process. To try to schedule a simple visit can lead to a huge email exchange to try to one simple visit.

Setting up schedules is not always easy to achieve on the first try. Finding a quick and convenient solution for both parties is not the only challenge to face – there are also time issues and key management to be solved.


“Self-visitable” properties facilitate this entire process. Instead of showing the property personally, the real estate agent uses technology to allow potential buyers to visit the property on their own and when it is most convenient.

The 7 main advantages that a control system access can bring to all parties involved in the buying and selling properties process.

7 Advantages of self-visited properties

  1. Improve your time management

Time management is essentially in two aspects: firstly, in the number of calls and emails managed and secondly the time saved spent traveling to the properties. With the self-visit system, there is no need to send and receive dozens of emails or phone calls to set up schedules.

  1. Cost saving

The digital keys or codes are easily accessible, manageable and shared, improving the efficiency of the operation because the cost and time spent on the traditional keys management are reduced. When there is no longer the need to deliver a traditional key or make an extra set of keys, the recurring cost decreases.

  1. Security

Digital keys, created by smart locks, provide a higher level of security because they are “stored” in a kind of “digital keyring”: the user’s app. It manages intuitive and safe way, all the digital keys, avoiding the frequent inconvenience of losing the keys.

Real estate agents or property owners remain in completed digital keys control assigned to third parties.

  1. Eliminate needless visits

Although visits are still part of the sales process, they require time and travel that can be avoided.


When a potential client begins to start searching for a new house, usually the first visits may not match their preferences or requirements, which means an increase in visits made until they find the property that really matches.

With a remote access control system, it is possible to provide visits when it is most convenient for the potential buyer, without unnecessary visits or unnecessary travel.

  1. Increase market reach

Self-visitable properties are an asset for selling properties outside the real estate agency’s geographical area. This makes it possible to widen the flats range or houses for sale, even outside the big cities, and also to increase the possibility of selling properties that might otherwise be inaccessible.

  1. Differential value for customers

In the real estate market, the competition is very strong which causes a constant need for innovation and because of those agencies must be able to offer new solutions and services to customers. Access control systems help agencies to assume a leadership position in the market, by adopting a simple, convenient and effective visit management process.

  1. Speed ​​up the sales cycle

In the end, the goal is to sell. Simplifying the entire visit process and not wasting time with unnecessary booking attempts opens the property door to a potential sale, in a shorter period of time than usual. For example, in countries like the United States smart locks are widely used for this purpose, with proven benefits over the traditional sales system.



A smart lock makes everything so much easier

Homeit smart locks can help with time and key management. Our system includes a smart lock, connected to the homeit BOX, which allows opening the property front door, through a web app installed on the smartphone or by inserting the digital key into the external keypad.

The entry codes or digital keys are granted quickly, securely and easily adjusted. The result is fewer key handovers, which means an optimization of time and resources of the real estate agents – as simple as sending an SMS. With the homeit web app, you can confirm that the door is locked and log entry to find out who had access to the property and when.

With homeit access control solutions installation, it is possible to reduce the visit distance travelled or property maintenance up to 30%. It can also avoid high-maintenance locks and keys costs because the keys are not physical anymore. The smart locks remain unchanged when the potential customer or tenants are in or out of the property.

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