Mas afinal o que são cacifos inteligentes?

What Are Smart Lockers After All?

Smart lockers or smart cabinets are different names for the same thing: locked boxes that can be unlocked without using a traditional key or combination. More specifically, they are smart terminals, created with the aim of responding to the growing need for flexible and secure goods storage and the delivery or order collection.

Increasingly popular in Portugal, largely caused by the pandemic, which has brought limitations on social contact, namely delivery of orders, this type of solution gains even more fans for having  a wide range of applications, including:

  • Mail
  • Gyms
  • Commercial buildings
  • Swimming pools and leisure parks
  • Golf and tennis courses
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Factories, among others.

Why are smart lockers the best option?

Adopting smart lockers brings advantages for companies, due to save time and money, as well as individuals, as it allows collection in strategic locations and at the time that suits you. But also, because it prevents you from having to look for a key, hand it over, make copies, track it or collect it when the user no longer needs to access the locker.

Instead, you can grant remote and personalized access via smartphone, tablet or PC, whether to your employees, customers, tenants, guests or family, through digital keys from anywhere and at any time. The user can thus access the locker, via Bluetooth, for a certain period or until access is withdrawn.

For all of this and much more, smart lockers are becoming the most sought-after solution for locations with diverse users and flexible hours.



Instant access, personalised permissions, verifiable delivery and real-time insights into all events made, make smart lockers more convenient, secure and cost-effective than traditional lockers.


With increasing work mobility, companies increasingly depend on systems that improve accessibility and efficiency in order to optimize the final phase of delivery to their customers.


At the consumer level, the growing preference for convenience and flexibility in picking up their objects or orders from e-commerce sites, makes it possible to pick up when it is most convenient.

More advantages:

  • Can be used 24/7
  • Offer security due to the smart application that eliminates the use of mechanical locks
  • In case of the keys are lost it isn´t necessary to break the lock
  • Immediately revoke access
  • Know the openings that were made
  • Can be shared with other users to exchange objects
  • Reduce storage space
  • Help support flexible work or teaching practices, such as sports equipment or textbooks.
  • Help prevent the spread of the virus by transferring documents and products without human interaction.

homeit provides innovative solutions for smart lockers

To face the demands of new markets, homeit has incorporated new locker solutions into its portfolio. The main objective is to easily and intuitively adapt traditional lockers into smart lockers. In addition, they can also be adapted to office drawers, with restricted reach, helping to prevent unusual access by strangers.

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