Uma vida sem chaves? Sim, é possível.

A Life Without Keys? Yes, it is possible.

Discover the benefits that a smart lock can bring to your daily life.

Smart locks are the most popular devices when it comes to smart homes, because of their security and ease of use and for the numerous advantages they offer in managing your daily life.

It’s very simple to work with: connect your smartphone to the internet and autonomously and safely manage opening doors remotely, they allow you to manage the opening of doors remotely, securely and autonomously, giving you more freedom when controlling access to your home, without the use of physical keys

Safer children and no loss of keys

It is natural that the safety and well-being of children is a very common concern among parents. Therefore, one of the most important smart locks applications is the security provided by protecting your home.

Whether children are alone at home, whether they return from school or extracurricular activities, entrusting them with the key can lead to unpleasant situations, such as their loss or forgetfulness, leading to them to wait many hours, until someone comes to open the door. In addition to the inconvenience, it can also create risks for the children’s safety and the home itself.

The best way to avoid this type of situation is with a smart lock installation. In addition to make ease to get home they provide increased security, even when children are alone, by preventing possible forgetfulness in the door closure, since you can do it wherever you are, thus avoiding possible unpleasant situations or even intruders.

But it can do much more. For example, children who still can´t open the door and come by school transport, with no one available at home to open the door, do not have to worry or ask neighbours for help. Make your children more independent by opening the door to them wherever they are, thus providing quick and safe access to the house.

Comfort and safe home for Elderly

Today, we are facing many challenges regarding elderly care, or for those who live alone. For many elderly people and their caregivers, it is very important to remain in the comfort of their home, even when mental and motor faculties decreased.

With advancing age and the consequent motor skills decrease, home accidents may happen more often, which means an increased need for home care. It is also possible that some inconveniences may occur, such as forgetting the keys, difficulty in accessing housing by caregivers, or emergency assistance, in case of elderly disability, giving rise to very delicate or even critical situations.

A smart lock installation can help the elderly to remain in their own home, safely and relax since the probability of losing or occurring a key duplication, by others is substantially reduced. Helping in an emergency is also facilitated, because the door can be opened remotely by a family member, providing an elderly support level that would not be possible otherwise.

Smart locks are the perfect way to manage opening doors remotely whether it’s the apartment or office building, such as cleaning services, food, elderly assistance or even another family member, which represents an enormous convenience for the patients themselves, as well as for family members and caregivers.

This management can be done by the elderly from any point in their home, in cases of reduced mobility, by the caregiver and/or family, wherever they are and at any time.

Control your home entrances, even when you’re not there

Allow entry into your home, even when you are not there, whether it is for home services such as cleaning, bread delivery, packages, dog-sitting or family and friends.

Make your life easier and for those who visit you, without the need to travel. To manage entries, at your convenience, create digital keys, temporary or permanent, using the application that comes with the smart lock. You can allow entries to be registered only from Monday to Friday, between 15:00 and 16:00. Find out who and when entered your home. Management is entirely yours!

homeit BOX – where the magic happens

homeit offers a smart locks range to help you daily. Allied to homeit BOX + APP, they allow remote doors to be opened, through the digital code allocation, personal, permanent or temporary and a property management platform, in case you own more than one apartment or manage a shared space.

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