Nova parceria: Chekin disponibiliza check-ins 100% automáticos

New Partnership: Chekin Provides 100% Automatic Check-Ins

We have established a partnership with the Spanish company Chekin. Discover the advantages that a 100% automatic check-in can offer you.

Did you know that automating check-in processes increases service speed and improves guest retention? Yes, it’s true. The adoption of this type of tool brings numerous advantages both for the strategic business management, since it allows you to save time and money, and for the guest experience, by making it simpler and faster.

Meet Chekin

Chekin is dedicated to helping hosts automate the entire check-in and check-out process. It’s present in 20 countries, used in more than 18,000 properties and with more than 4 million automatic check-ins. The main goal is to create 100% automatic and non-contact processes, that allow hosts or owners to save thousands of hours in property management, offering a unique experience to their guests and allowing them to increase booking.

How does it work?

Chekin is an all-in-one tool that allows you to automate the entire guest check-in process, from booking to check-out.

  • Automated guest registration: online check-in
  • Automatic submission: sends automatically guest’s reports to local authorities
  • Identity verification through facial recognition
  • Virtual keys to property remote access
  • Security deposits management, insurance and online payments
  • Tourist taxes automated calculation
  • Offering personalized experiences to your guests

Advantages for the homeit customer’s integration

The integration between the homeit app (link) and Chekin makes it possible to speed up guest check-in in an even faster, safer and more professional way.

In countries such as Portugal, Spain and Italy, the vacational rental owners are obliged to inform the authorities, within three working days, foreign guest date and also to confirm their identity at the check-in.

The usual method to meet this legal requirement called for some patience on the part of the vacational rental managers as well as their guests: on arrival, guests are asked to fill out a document with their details. Then, the hosting manager has to register the same data in the on SEF – Foreign and Borders Service online portal. Recently, homeit had created a tool for automaticcommunication with the SEF, but Chekin takes the check-in experience to another level, fully integrated with homeit. Chekin allows you to record guest data in a few minutes or automatically submit the form to previously make the online check-in, with several channel managers and PMS integrations. It is also possible to pay the deposit or tourist tax deposit without having contact or travel to the property.

During online check-in, the manager can also set up a procedure to verifying the guest’s identity through selfies. Thus, the homeit digital key can be sent only when these steps are completed, improving the security accommodation access. The sending time email with the link to the homeit key can be configured with several options: at the booking time; 2, 3 or 7 days before check-in; or only when online check-in is done; or even when online check-in is done and there is identity verification using a selfie. It is even possible to customize the email sent to other languages.

In the end you can only wish a great stay to your guests!

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