Viagens de Vingança. Como é que estas viagens podem impactar o Alojamento Local.

Regence travels. How These Travels Can Impact Vacation Rentals

Did you know that these travels are a trend for 2022?  As vaccination rates, against the COVID-19 virus, increase and restrictions decrease, there is a common point in our minds – travel!

Why are revenge travels? After days and days of confinement, with successive holiday cancellations, long weekends, or being present in events such as weddings or family reunions, we all became more willing to travel, to return to the world. Travel came to be seen as a compensating act not only for time but also for experiences and opportunities lost, making the impulse to travel stronger compared to the period before the pandemic.

This conjuncture has led to a re-evaluation of the travel importance in our lives. The pandemic caused a priorities redefinition and travel has risen to the top of the list. The chance to get back to exploring new destinations and cultures seems to be the best revenge against the pandemic.

But who’s looking for Vacation Rental for revenge travel anyway?

Some people remain sceptical about traveling and what it entails during a pandemic, but others are uneasy about doing. But after all, who stays at home and who seeks revenge travels? These are the four main travel groups that emerged during the pandemic.


At the top of Millennials’ priorities list is travel. They are the generation that travels the world the most and is therefore also at the forefront of revenge travel. Eager to live the moment and have new experiences, they were also pioneers in vacation rental staying. According to a research done last year, 78% of millennials tend to choose sustainable travel options while planning and booking their next trip.

Digital Nomads

The possibility of working anywhere in the world is gaining more and more fans, having even a boom during the pandemic. They come from all over the world and work remotely without any kind of tie to a location or to fixed times. The digital nomad works traveling to discover the world, being already consider by many as a way of life.

In the last 10 years, Portugal appears on the digital consultant list. Due to the very specific characteristics, it offers, it is one of the most popular digital nomad destinations for their stays: more affordable living costs, technology access, weather, beaches, entertainment and gastronomy, all combined with unparalleled hospitality.

Work Remotely

During the pandemic reconcile work, online classes and housework increased the saturation level of most families because it all took place in the same place, their home. Going out looking for spaces that allow them to continue working safely and in which they can enjoy all the amenities, has led to an increasing number of revenge trips as well as the demand for vacation rental units far from large urban centers.

National Tourists

Starting to discover the own country is also a trend in revenge travel. There are a huge number of people who prefer to travel within their own country because they feel safer traveling abroad. Knowing the country better has led to a growing interest even in less explored places. The choice is for quieter and less crowded places for outdoor activities. The option to better discover the country, for many national tourists is taking a mini holiday to revenge for the isolation caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

How to prepare your Vacation Rental to receive Revenge Tourism

Be present on the most popular platforms

Platforms such as Airbnb,, HomeAway and TripAdvisor are the main booking aggregation sites for vacation rental units. In general, publishing advertisements is free of charge but is charged an annual fee. Its presence, in over t90 countries, turns these search platforms into tools for millions of travellers around the world. The 24/7 service in several languages, combined with payment facilities and accommodation at the best prices, are the main attractions for tourists.

Position yourself in the market

As well as advertising your property on platforms such as Airbnb, it is also important to create your website to take full control of your business. If a user wants to know more about the services you provide, a website is an anal place to find that information, as well as being able to communicate directly with potential guests. With your website can customize it and add any content you feel is relevant to a revenge trip. Optimize content for SEO, create pages for Covid-19 cleaning protocols, list activities for families and mention any relevant amenities or services.

Reinvents space

Develop new uses for your space. Create a comfortable area, or provide a dedicated room for virtual business meetings or online classes can take place. Look for solutions that can give some privacy, with natural light and comfortable furniture. Remember that more than one family member may need a workspace. Also, keep in mind that school-age children may need an area to do their homework as well as connect to online classes.

Create guest memorable experiences

“Revenge” tourists seek relief from the stress caused by the pandemic, so they aim to find experiences that make them live a pleasant break. Establish partnerships with local entities that can offer complementary activities, leading tourists to enjoy both the spaces and the products of the region.

Give your guests more autonomy

When managing one or more vacation rental properties, you will certainly have travel expenses for each time you hand over the keys. With homeit smart locks, you can check-in without traditional keys 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Open the door lock remotely, using a smartphone or sending temporary access codes to your guests. With this smart opening system, you can manage several accommodations at the same time, avoiding

homeit offers a smart locks range to help you daily. Allied to homeit BOX + APP, they allow remote doors to be opened, through the digital code allocation, personal, permanent or temporary and a property management platform, in case you own more than one apartment or manage a shared space.

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